Guidance for game and coarse anglers:

Contaminated fishing gear, boats and equipment can cause the spread of invasive species to new water bodies. Invasive plants and animals can be small and hard to spot and they can survive for weeks on damp gear and equipment. Anglers and other water users can help protect the environment and sport they enjoy by remembering to Check, Clean and Dry their angling gear, boats and equipment when moving between waterbodies. A range of biosecurity awareness raising materials are freely available to you and your club, outlining the key steps to take to reduce the risk of spreading invasive species.

Download these free materials for your club or event to protect our environments and to be a part of the Check, Clean, Dry campaign
If you require high quality print ready versions of any of the materials please contact us: [email protected]

General Angling Poster
Coarse Angling Poster
Game Angling Poster
6-panel leaflet


Thank You – Anglers Sign
Thank You – Coarse Anglers Sign
Thank You – Game Angling Sign


Coarse Angling Poster Template
Game Angling Poster Template


General Angling Template
Game Angling Template
Coarse Angling Template