What is ‘Actions on Invasives’?

‘Actions on Invasives’ is an online mapping system that allows everyone to log and map the actions they have taken on invasive alien species, providing public recognition of your efforts, and facilitating co-ordination of actions taken to address invasive species across Ireland. The Actions on Invasives initiative is managed by the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

You’ve taken action to tackle the threat of invasive species now you will be able to log it in the Actions on Invasives mapping portal!

This portal will give recognition to your efforts. Importantly, it will also contribute to a better understanding of all the actions taken across Ireland offering a space to share information and providing the opportunity for collaboration between different groups taking action.

We’re excited to launch the portal for five key sectors/groups including: Gardeners, Clubs & Associations, City & County Councils, Central Government/State Agencies and Local Communities (including Tidy Towns). Guidance documents for using the portal can be found here. We will continue to add more sectors/groups to the system over the course of the year so that everyone can log the actions that they are taking on invasive species in Ireland.



How is the information from this site used?

As more and more people take action on invasive species each year this system will help us to track the level of awareness around invasive species as well as the range of activities that key sectors are taking to tackle the threat and impact of these species. It will also allow us to monitor progress, identify opportunities for co-ordination and collaboration between different sectors. In time we hope to develop an annual report on the work being done throughout Ireland on invasive species. This mapping system will also provide the opportunity to report back to the European Commission on the implementation of the Invasive Alien Species Regulation 1143/2014.

Enter your council site to make sure your efforts to address invasive species are included. Then in subsequent years all you have to do is update your site each autumn.

Please note: any information entered on the system will be publicly available – do not add any personal details or files you do not wish to share publicly.


Who should use Actions on Invasives?

We hope everyone will use Actions on Invasives so that the public can see the efforts being taken across all sectors. This guide explains how to use the system and enter your council site(s) on the system in just 3 simple steps.


Key benefits of the Actions on Invasives system

  • Providing a mapping system to log sites and organisations who are actively managing invasive species.
  • Building capacity to co-ordinate actions to tackle invasive species.
  • Building a national network and opportunities for collaboration.
  • Demonstrates organisations commitment to protecting biodiversity.
  • Open source of information for the public and interested sectors/groups.
  • Acknowledges the joint national effort to tackle invasive species.