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View the European Commission’s Invasive Alien Species Regulation website. An excellent brochure on all 88 Invasive Alien Species of Union concern  is available to download just under the heading ‘Consolidated List of Invasive Alien Species of Union concern’.

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Species recorded in Ireland and established

Click on image to access species profile information. If you spot any errors or have information that can add to the species profiles please let us know. E-mail: [email protected]

Giant Hogweed
Giant hogweed
Grey Squirrel
Grey squirrel
Himalayan balsam
Himalayan knotweed
Nuttall's Waterweed
Nuttall’s waterweed
New Zealand Flatworm
New Zealand flatworm
Parrot's feather
Parrot’s feather
Floating pennywort
Curly Waterweed
Curly waterweed
Chinese Mitten Crab
Chinese mitten crab
American Skunk Cabbage
American skunk cabbage
Giant Chilean Rhubarb
Giant Chilean rhubarb

Species recorded in Ireland in recent years but are not known to be established

Asian Hornet
Asian hornet
Egyptian Goose
Egyptian goose
Indian house crow
Indian house crow
Muntjac Deer
Muntjac deer
Ruddy Duck
Ruddy duck
Sacred ibis
Sacred ibis
Siberian Chipmunk
Siberian chipmunk
Terrapins / Sliders
Terrapins / Sliders
Tree of heaven
Water primrose
Water primrose

Species not recorded in Ireland

– Animals

Virile Crayfish
Virile crayfish
Spiny-Cheek Crayfish
Spiny-Cheek crayfish
Signal Crayfish
Signal crayfish
Red Swamp Crayfish
Red swamp crayfish
Marbled Crayfish
Marbled crayfish
Rusty crayfish
Eastern mosquitofish
Western mosquitofish
Stone Moroko
Stone moroko
South American Coati
South American coati
Raccoon Dog
Raccoon dog
Pallas's Squirrel
Pallas’s squirrel
North American Bullfrog
North American bullfrog
Finlayson’s squirrel
Chital deer
Asian mongoose
Amur Sleeper
Amur sleeper
Common myna
Red-vented bulbul
Northern snakehead fish
Black bullhead
White perch
Striped eel catfish
Pumpkinseed fish
African clawed frog
Eastern kingsnake
Tropical fire ant
Electric ant
Black imported fire ant
Red imported fire ant
Golden mussel


Alligator Weed
Alligator weed
Asiatic Tearthumb
Asiatic tearthumb
Balloon vine
Broadleaf Watermilfoil
Broadleaf watermilfoil
Broomsedge bluestem
Chinese bushclover
Chinese tallow
Common Milkweed
Common milkweed
Crimson Fountaingrass
Crimson fountaingrass
Eastern Baccharis
Eastern baccharis
Golden wreath wattle
Green Cabomba
Green cabomba
Floating primrose-willow
Japanese hop
Japanese Stiltgrass
Japanese stiltgrass
Kudzu VIne
Kudzu vine
Perennial veldtgrass
Persian Hogweed
Persian hogweed
Purple pampas grass
Salvinia moss
Senegal tea plant
Sosnowski’s Hogweed
Sosnowski’s hogweed
Vine-like fern
Water Hyacinth
Water hyacinth
Whitetop Weed
Whitetop weed
Bushy needlewood
Staff vine
Water lettuce
Rugulopteryx okamurae