The role of the National Biodiversity Data Centre is to provide national coordination and management of information on Ireland’s non-native invasive species, and to support the National Parks and Wildlife Service with the implementation and reporting on the EU Invasive Alien Regulations (1143/2014).

Central to this work is maintaining Ireland’s National Invasive Species Database to collate detailed information on the status and trends on Ireland’s non-native invasive alien species. This includes operating an Early Warning Alert System in partnership with key agencies and partners. The ultimate aim of this network is to support decision-making to mitigate the spread and impact of invasive species in Ireland.

National Invasive Species Database

The National Invasive Species Database provides a centralized source of up-to-date information on the distribution and status of invasive species in Ireland. Its uses include:

  • providing a centralized portal for submission of invasive species sightings and access to distribution data
  • delivering Ireland’s Early Warning Alert System for invasive species
  • supporting surveillance and monitoring of invasive species
  • analyze data for trends in introductions of invasive species to Ireland
  • collating data on non-native species for use in impact risk assessment and horizon scan exercises
  • providing referenced species profiles linked to real time sighting interactive distribution maps
  • connecting Ireland’s data to European and international information networks.

Significant contributions have been made in recent years in Ireland to addressing the threat posed by invasive alien species, to fill knowledge gaps and provide information to support policy and management decision making. There is however, still much more to be done.

Everyone can take positive action to tackle the threat of invasive species in Ireland but not everyone is aware of the role they can play. In September 2021, with thanks to funding from the National Parks and Wildlife Service, an Invasive Species Engagement Officer role was created.  Throughout 2022, sectoral guidance resources on invasive species actions will be developed, three biosecurity campaigns will be up-dated and promoted, and, the Actions on Invasives mapping portal will go live.