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These ID sheets are freely available to download, print, distribute or link to. Please give courtesy to the producer of the ID sheets when further used.

Plants – terrestrial/ riparian

Plants – aquatic


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The identification guides available are produced by a variety of sources including the National Biodiversity Data Centre, the GB Non-native Species Secretariat (GB NNSS) and, Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI).  Some other identification materials are also available with courtesy from other organizations/individuals.

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The National Biodiversity Data Centre ID sheets were written by Oisin Duffy.  Each ID sheet was reviewed by an external expert and we gratefully acknowledge their invaluable contribution. The external experts were:

Roy Anderson, Joe Caffrey, Ruth Carden, John Davenport, Jaimie Dick, Stephan Gollasch, Mike Guiry, Judith Kochmann, Colin Lawton, Julian Reynolds, Tomás Murray, Julia Nunn, Neil Reid and Noeleen Smyth.

Any feedback on the ID sheets produced by the Data Centre can be e-mailed to [email protected]