Should I enter each site individually or draw one big polygon around the whole area?

You might be ask this question if your group has taken action on invasive species at a few different sites.

In order for this website to work best, we’re asking all groups to enter each site individually. For example, if Westport Tidy Towns group had been involved in removing Himalayan balsam from a stretch of the river, carried out an invasive species survey in a local park and installed awareness raising signs along walkway. We would as the group to enter three different sites for each of these actions. For example the river bank site could be called E.g. “BalsamRemovalCarrowbeg-Westport Tidy Towns” and only the invasive species management actions taken on that site would be included on THAT site form. If one big polygon were drawn around Westport Town, it would be impossible to see all the other action on invasives sites in Westport (for example actions being taken on garden or city and county council sites).


More details on this can be found in the ‘Actions on Invasives – System User Guide’ which can be found here.