How do I capture actions that are not specific to one site?

Some of my actions, are hard to enter for one specific site.

Some actions, such as manual removal/control of an invasive species or using hard standing areas for site access are very clearly carried out at one specific site.

For others, like some awareness raising actions (e.g. circulating invasive species alerts to group members/stakeholders, adopting a biosecurity policy) there might not be a clear site where these actions take place. For example, what if your group raised awareness with 100 different group members, or carried out three invasive species awareness workshops in different areas. In these cases, the best way to capture your actions is to include these details on one of your sites that is most relevant. Alternatively you can draw a small polygon around your meeting point (if you are a voluntary group) or office or clubhouse and provide details in section ‘F. Other’ on the form to explain that the action isn’t specific to an area.