What kind of actions can I log?

You can map any kind of action you are taking to tackle invasive species – from raising awareness, to controlling an invasive species on your site(s), or even supporting research. As you add your site(s) on the system you will be directed a detailed form for the type of group you belong to. These forms follow the invasive species management hierarchy – a set of progressive steps that have been developed for the effective management of invasive species. These steps are relevant across all group and site types from our gardens to central government to local communities. Following these steps in order is the best way to address invasive species:

  1. Prevention
  2. Early detection
  3. Rapid response/eradication
  4. Containment and control
  5. Impact management

You will be able to select and provide details on a range of actions across these key categories. Where an action you are taking has not been listed you can add details of your specific actions to section ‘F. Other’.