Invasive Species Week 2022

For one week every year, organizations across Ireland, the UK, Isle of Mann, Jersey and Guernsey come together for a week of action to raise awareness on invasive alien species and actions to prevent their spread. Invasive Species Week is led by the the GB Non-native Species Secretariat.

Invasive Species Week 2022 will be held during the week beginning May 16th to 22nd 2022!

Many people aren’t aware of invasive alien species and the harmful impacts they can have, or how we can all help to prevent their spread. Take part in Invasive Species Week and help protect the environment and recreational spaces for future generations to enjoy!

Click here to view information on the 2022 campaign and search social media using  @InvasiveSp and #INNSweek. In Ireland, you can also use #ReportInvasives to add your message to previous National Biodiversity Data Centre posts.