Species Alerts are issued after a confirmed sighting is received of a species that was not previously known to occur in Ireland but has been assessed as having the risk of being invasive should it establish here.

If the species has been removed from the wild but more sightings are subsequently confirmed, then a species alert may be reissued for that species. In the case of aquatic species, the species alert may be reissued if the species is detected in a new catchment area.

Issuing an Invasive Species Alert is a key part of Ireland’s early warning system and rapid response to a new invasive species incursion. The purpose of issuing an invasive species alert is:

  • to notify the public and stakeholders of the incursion of a new invasive species. An alert is a part of the triggering mechanism for rapid response to a new invasive species sighting
  • to inform the public on what action may be required
  • encourage the reporting of additional sightings of the species
  • species alerts are also intended to encourage the sharing of information and highlight the need for implementation of biosecurity measures by all relevant stakeholder groups.

Click on the images below to find out more. Please circulate Species Alerts.

Asian clam

Corbicula fluminea (Müller 1774)

  • First sighting 2010
  • Freshwater

Muntjac deer

Muntiacus reevesi (Ogilby, 1839)

  • First sighting 2010
  • Terrestrial